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Victoria avec Bord en Or (VBO)

"Butterfly" HEREND Décor

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Beauty of Imola

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Belvedere Tea-Set

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Represents Prosperity !

Best for wedding presents

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Pair of Golden Ducks

Wedding, Celebration, Anniversary ... You Decide!

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Herend Animal Figurines

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Prepare for Celebrations!

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Elephant - VH Décor

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Wild Animals HEREND Figurines

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" Hunt it Now ! "

The Pearls-Set

Simplicity & Beauty at Home

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Herend Austria Specialities

Bear with the Jar of Honey

Noble Metal Accessories

Coloured Fishes (COPO)

The " Fish Décor " ...

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Visit the SHOP!

Bonbonnieres (Bonbons) and Animal items are arriving to our Shop section! Now You can take a look how beautiful a Herend Ornament can be!
Special Decor Herend Animals
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Special Decor Herend Animals

Visit the Animal items at our new, day-to-day changing webstore! Brand new designs, and colour sets. Especially for Collectors!
This is what Herend calls  Choice …
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This is what Herend calls
Choice …

We belive in offering the widest variety of products. We offer over 16.000 Forms and
4.000 Designs.
This is what Herend calls Value ...
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This is what Herend calls
Value ...

Ever since our foundation 1826 each piece
of HEREND Porcelain has been individually crafted and hand-painted.
This is what Herend calls Quality …
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This is what Herend calls
Quality …

In order to make a flawless piece of HEREND Porcelain on average the work of 43 specialists is needed during 18 different production processes.

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Timeless Glory of Herend Porcelain since 1826

Herend, at the foot of Hungary's Bakony Hills, has been associated for almost 200 years with Luxury Handmade, Hand-Painted Porcelain which has given the community a worldwide reputation. The Success Story began in 1826, when Vince Stingl founded a Manufactory there. Control was taken in 1839 by Mór Fischer, who recognized that Herend's future could lie in Unique, Handmade Pieces of Luxury Porcelain.

The ware he designed gained a huge reputation at home and abroad, soon turning Rulers Aristocrats, Statesmen and Celebrities all over the World into Lovers of Herend Porcelain. Herend has become the World's Largest Porcelain Manufactory and the craft values it represents win Worldwide acclaim.

Herend Manufactory created over 16.000 forms and 4.000 designs. We belive in offering the Widest Variety of Products.

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