Herend Porcelain Tupini TCA Decor Coffee (Mocha) Set Cornucopia Decor is rich Gilded. Master work painted only by Master Painter

Share a cup of tea with Queen Victoria

Know the heritage

Admiring Herend porcelains... and owning these pieces is how you join this elite club.

Art you can drink from every day. Herend tea sets.

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Every morning starts with the beauty of art. This is how life meant to be lived.

Imagine your dream-tableware. We’ll make it a reality.

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Personalize your sets: buy only the pieces you want, order a unique piece or a unique handpaint.

Intested in Herend Porcelain?

Tea Sets
Herend Tea sets

Tea Sets

These sets include all the pieces of a traditional set – a pot, cups, tray, brush and a figurine. A hand painted porcelain cup makes every beverage more delicious.
Coffee Sets
Herend Coffee Sets

Coffee Sets

Coffee is a form of art in itself.
Herend Coffee Sets match the quality of the finest coffees.
Enjoy not only your coffee, but the serving, too.
Mocha Sets
Herend Mocha Sets

Mocha Sets

Luxury porcelains for everyday use. This is how we should live, isn’t it?


An ideal wedding gift, but you can spice up your own tableware, too. Every meal will be proud to be served in a beauty like this.

The finest luxury porcelain only for the finest people

Herendi is the porcelain of the noblest, richest, finest and the most prestigious people from all around the world.

Herendi is for the Rothschilds. For Lady Diana and Queen Victoria. For Schwarzenegger.

And maybe Herendi is for you.

189 years of heritage in beauty

Your lifestyle defines you. Your living room, your possessings and your décor-choice communicate how good your taste really is.

So what is your style?

If you can’t resist a baroque room... and even your morning coffee needs some aristocratic elegance... then you’ll love Herendi.

These elegant porcelaines are still 100% hand made – just as real art should be.

Your Herend is safe.

You get 2 guarantees.

We offer a „delivery guarantee” and a „reorder guarantee”, so your products arrive perfectly, and later on you can reorder even the limited sets.

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